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Contacts Chrétiens is a dating site founded by Christians that is primarily aimed at people who share the values ​​at the foundation of the Christian faith. Being at the heart of our lives, we believe that these values ​​are essential in order to give duration and depth to our friendships and our loves.

We have seen time and time again that loneliness sometimes creeps into our Christian communities. Believing that all are called to love and be loved in return, Contacts Chrétiens intends to respond to this need by offering the possibility for Christians to find true and lasting love or simply to unite in deep bonds of friendship, and this , wherever they are on the globe.

Thus, Contacts Chrétiens offers matches from your city, your region, but also from anywhere on the planet, according to your preference criteria.

Christians Contact

We have seen many times the loneliness of many single people, Christian Contacts is a response to break it.

Our desire is to give singles wherever they are, the opportunity to meet, according to their values, other singles and the possibility of living a romance, no matter the country. We offer a straightforward approach for dating singles all over the world.

Christian Contacts features matches from the neighboring city, as well as from different countries and cultures.

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